Monday, July 2, 2012

Example of Humorous Speech

Humorous Speech.

I am Forgetful Person.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, are you forgetful person?

Forgetfulness is something natural in human life. Unfortunately I'm the type that acute forgetful. Sometimes I forget something so critically important. Actually, many stories that I can tell you. One of them is that I am going to tell you now.

Some years ago, when I was sitting in Senior High School. I and four of my friends went to the supermarket to buy a birthday cake for my friend, who will be celebrate her birthday in the next day. Therefore, we promise to buy a cake together and hanging out at home one of my friends, Oci.

When I went to Oci’s house, I use my motorcycle. When I got there, The fact is one of my other friends could not bring her motorcyle because her motorcycle is used by his brother. So, so that we  stay together, we decided to use tradisional transportation, oplet. And I left my motorcyle at Oci’s house. But I bring the key of my motorcycle and I put into the bag.

Arriving at the supermarket, I left my bag of goods to the place day care,  I and my friends went into the supermarket to pick a cake that will be our gift tomorrow. After that, we also came back by using oplet-traditional tranportation-.

After a quarter of the way, I just remembered that I forgot to pick up back my bag in place day care. I tell to my friends. And they asked me, “whether we should come back to the supermarket while we are not too far. But I replied, "no problem, I can pick up that bag after i arrived at Oci’s house, and I will pick up that key by using motorcycle," I said. And my friends agreed.

After nearly half way, I just remembered again. I rembered that i put my motorcycle’s key into the bag. So, How do I pick up my bag on a motorcycle when the motorcycle keys are located inside the bag? I did notify my friends. And they heard me laughing out loud. They say that my forgetfulness is very acute. And finally they decided one of my friends will pick up my back there.

The next morning, when we deliver a birthday cake, they were told to be ashamed of it to my friend's birthday. They really make me too ashamed. And I realized that im forgetful person.

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